Experience Lake Erie Walleye, Perch and Diver Ducks

Come to Lake Erie or Lake St. Clair for a Guided Layout hunt for Diver Ducks! We offer Layout Style hunting on Big Water for Diver Ducks.  We utilize USCG tested Layout Boats for your comfort and safety.  Diver Ducks decoy to the large number of decoys we set out, so being an accomplished caller is not necessary, but calling can entice the occasional Mallard or Black duck into shooting range.  Species that you can expect to encounter, can be: Bluebill, Ringneck, Canvasback, Redhead, Goldeneye, Bufflehead, Merganser, Longtail, and Scoter.


Lake Erie & Lake St. Clair Duck Hunting


  Every fall Lake Erie & Lake St. Clair becomes a stopping ground for thousands of migrating ducks, especially diver ducks.  Once they begin to arrive in early to mid October, they will continue to arrive until the big lakes freeze up.  Most people never realize the number of ducks that congregate here because they stay 1-10 miles off shore.  These lake bottoms are covered with Zebra Mussels which provides a rich food source for Diver Ducks to gorge them selves on. Layout Boat hunting is the most effective way to experience the fast and exciting action these ducks have to offer.  Layout hunting requires specialized boats and equipment so most people utilize a guide when they want to experience duck hunting on big water.




   Our daily bag consists mainly of  Scaup and Buffleheads. The Scaup arrive by the thousands and are the primary species you will encounter while open water hunting.   Later in the season we start to see some Goldeneye and Scoters show up.  Its not uncommon to shoot other species during our season such as Mallards, Redheads, Ringnecks, Canvasbacks, Ruddys, and Long Tails.




   Our 21' Starcraft's were especially built for Big Water Layout Hunting.  We use it to transport a large layout boat to a different hunt area each morning.  We then proceed to set 100 to 200 Magnum and Super Magnum decoys, especially designed for Big Water Hunting.  The sheer number and size of these decoys is what convinces these ducks to commit.  The tender boat is then anchored a distance away from the layout boat as not to spook approaching waterfowl.


What to bring


Customers will need to bring their own guns and non-toxic shells.  A valid Ohio or Michigan hunting license, Ohio state Duck Stamp, and a Federal Duck Stamp are required.  Waders are recommended but not necessary.  Camouflage clothing is also recommended but not necessary.  Rain gear is highly recommended.


Waterfowl Rates


$720 per day 1-3 hunters.

$960 per day 4 hunters.

Lodging available


Hunts are 8 hrs. dock to dock

What To Bring


Warm Cloths

Rain Gear

Chest Waders


Valid Ohio Waterfowl License, including H.I.P. Survey & Federal Duck Stamp

Plugged Shotgun with non-toxic shells only

Bagged Lunch & Snacks

Duck & Goose Call (not necessary but recommended)

Ohio Hunting License


Find out more information about purchasing an Ohio Hunting license or purchase them online here at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources website.


Ohio Hunting License - Ohio Wetlands Habitat Stamp -  Federal Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp


Resident Annual Hunting License  $19.00


Non-Resident (Tourist) 3-day Hunting License $40.00


Non-Resident Annual Hunting License  $125.00


Ohio Wetlands Habitat Stamp  $15.00


Federal Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp  $25.00

Michigan Hunting License


Find out more information about purchasing a Michigan Hunting license or purchase them online here at the Michigan Department of Natural Resources website.


Base License Resident $11

Base License Non-Resident $151

Waterfowl Hunting License $12

Federal Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp $25

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