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Come Perch Fishing on Lake Erie

Come to Lake Erie’s Western & Central Basins for a Lake Erie Perch Charter.  We follow the migration of Walleye in Lake Erie!


Our 30' boat the “Weiss Guy” is a seaworthy Sport Craft, hard top, with an enclosed cabin & a private bathroom.  All of our fishing charters are for 1-6 people. All of our fishing charters include rods, tackle, bait & ice in the price of the charter.

7 Hours Dock to Dock

1-6 People



You can upgrade any Perch charter to an “Executive Perch Charter” which will include lunch, snacks, beverages & fish cleaning for an additional $180.

Lodging As Low

As $30 Per Person

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Lake Erie Perch Fishing


The abundance of Yellow Perch in Lake Erie, not to mention their tasty, firm meat might explain why many anglers are hooked on catching the fish that has become a popular main course at Friday night fish fries.  The Lake Erie Perch is a yellow-gold fish with dark-striped sides and grows to be 5 to 15 inches in length perfect for a family outing. When a school of perch goes into a feeding frenzy, the fish can provide anglers with plenty of action, rewarding them with a nice cooler for supper.


Common terminology used when perch fishing include: Up & Down, meaning as soon as you take a perch or two off of your hooks, re-bait with Emerald Shiners, and let it down to the bottom of Lake Erie it is time to reel up with one or two more on the line.  Double Header, meaning that you are catching two Yellow Perch at a time.  Some people use three hooks and catch Triple headers.  Steady Pick, meaning the Yellow Perch are biting steady.  Slow Pick, meaning the Yellow Perch are biting every once in a while.  Hot & Heavy, meaning pretty much the same as Up & Down.


Lake Erie Perch are not picky eaters, especially when they're in a feeding frenzy. Most of the time we use Emerald Shiners but they can be caught using other live baits: insect larvae (think maggots), night crawlers, wax worms and grubs can be effective. Perch also go for cut bait like crayfish meat and perch eyes. When using minnows or shiners, try hooking them through the tail rather than through the mouth; they'll provide more action, and that's what you need to attract the big guys.


Methods & Tactics


One we find a school of perch on our electronics we will anchor over them.  Mostly we use perch spreaders with two hooks that have emerald shiners attached.  You lower your Spreader to the bottom and lift it up a little and wait for a bite.  Some spreaders have gold or silver spinner blades on them to help attract fish.  Another popular method is to use Crappie Rigs in the same manner.  Perch fishing is very simple and kids especially, enjoy reeling them up!


7 hrs Dock to Dock


1-3 People - $450

  4  People - $550




Executive trips additional $99 which includes fish cleaning and lunch & beverage, snacks.  This is a bargain for people that can not get a large enough group together for our larger boat.

Find out more information about purchasing an Ohio fishing license or purchase them online here at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources website.


Resident Fishing License (age 16-66)  $19.00


Resident Senior Fishing License (age 66+)  $10.00


Lake Erie Charter 1-Day Fishing License  $11.00


Annual Nonresident License  $40.00


3-Day Nonresident Tourist’s License  $19.00


Ohio fishing license or

Michigan fishing license



camera with batteries

lunch & beverages

cooler for fish

motion sickness medicine

rain gear

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